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Quality Assurance

Porter Scientific, Inc. was established to offer the highest quality of workmanship with minimal risk. Porter has the management and technical expertise to oversee projects, as well as detect and correct problems using the latest equipment and technologies. Porter Scientific, Inc. proposes utilizing its experience with its quality control personnel and equipment for all projects, for detection and fast resolution of problems. Porter Scientific, Inc. will engage in monthly partnering sessions with the Owner to:

  • Provide clear and open lines of communication
  • Create a team environment to foster seamless project deliverables
  • Offer value engineering or cost savings to the project
  • Respond quickly to Modifications as requested by Owner

The Quality Management of Porter Scientific, Inc. provides the necessary supervision, control phases and tests of all items of work, including that of suppliers and subcontractors. The proper control mechanisms will ensure the compliance of all work within the applicable specifications in respect to the contractor furnished documentation, processes, equipment, materials, workmanship, functional performance, and identification.

Porter Scientific, Inc., through the utilization of its Quality Control System, strives to obtain a high quality level of workmanship throughout all phases of development, procurement, and installation of components for all projects. To ensure these end results the following priorities are observed:

  • Assure the highest quality of workmanship by maintaining supervised controls and written instructions governing quality control procedures and practices, establishing clearly defined responsibilities and authority for compliance.
  • Conform to all contractual requirements, specifications, applicable military standards and Porter Scientific, Inc.’s Quality Control Plan. Compile accurate records of all testing and other required documentation.
  • Prompt notification to Project Management and the Government of discrepancies in quality.
  • Adherence to our Management Approach and Subcontracting Plan.

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